Monday, October 02, 2006

Hello, Rufus

So, MotherReader didn't get selected for the John Green Blog Tour. Neither did I.

But did that stop Mother? Nope. She did an interview anyway. And they were awesome questions.

So awesome that John Green responded.

Now, this has started me thinking. Hhhmm.... who should I post interview questions for?

Hello, Rufus Sewell. I can't even find a contact for you, but I'm not crazy stalker chick! Even tho I have obsessed over the YouTube Taming of the Shrew videos.

Here are my questions:

Why isn't ShakespeareRetold available in the US on DVD? That's just wrong.

I don't go to the movies much anymore, what with me being a librarian with a librarians salary and all, but I'm sure I would love The Illusionist. And The Holiday. So what' s more fun to do, bad guys like The Illusionist or crazy guys like Taming of the Shrew? In The Holiday, are you bad or crazy? Or both?

You're about the only British actor to not appear in the movie version of a fantasy book. Are you holding out for The Dark is Rising movie?

If John Green answered Mother, Rufus will answer me... right?



John Green said...

Hmm, I thought I emailed you.

Anyway, I don't know if Rufus would respond, but I sure would.


Catherine said...

LOL! This post made my morning!

Rufus is lovely...

Liz B said...


Cool, I'm putting together my questions!


isn't he lovely, tho?

Melissa Rabey said...

Mmmmm, Rufus. You can't imagine the primal scream my soul gave up, when I realized I had taped tonight's Veronica Mars over the ShakespeaRetold Taming of the Shrew. Thank goodness for my completely illegal downloaded copy!

Liz B said...

Logan or Rufus...

Logan or Rufus...

Thank goodness for your other copy, so you don't have to make that difficult choice.

Nancy said...

Liz, I echo your last comment.

Anonymous said...

Shakespeare Retold is available in US on dvd - get it from Amazon!