Saturday, June 30, 2007

Lee & Low

One of the nice things about going to ALA is the exhibits. Oh, yes, there are the free books and other fun stuff (best book promo: the nail file for Beauty Shop for Rent)

But, the other cool thing is to meet with and talk with the publishers. I had the chance to chat with the folks from Lee & Low Books, who I love because they have great books and an amazing website. I stopped by while W. Nikola-Lisa was signing books; among others, he wrote How We Are Smart. How We Are Smart is a great book and is my review is in my draft pile.* While I promise "longer review later," it's a look at the many ways people are "smart", from dance to math, art to science.

Most exciting thing? Finding out about an upcoming picture book about Duke Kahanamoku. Those who don't know me are now saying, Liz B. surfs? No. Hardly. But my brother in law does, so I have a bit of knowledge about the sport and its history.

*Oh, for those of you wondering how I will solve the reviewing problem during my Printz year? I figure going thru my backlog of posts alone will cover 2008; not to mention, I can blog about books from other years, as well as books that aren't eligible for the Printz.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the info. i have use the verification thingie on mine, and so haven't had any spam issues. i also haven't deleted any comments, but i don't get many comments, either. and most of those are from friends & family. (i also suppose posting a little more frequently would help. :) )

i hadn't thought about comments being the property of the writer, but that made total sense once i read it. i guess i actually remembered something from those copyright lectures in library school!

i do read one blog where they've said time & again that they won't publish certain types of comments. and then comments appear that accuse them of deleting comments. then they go through the whole explanation thing again.

the image info, imo, is really important. i know of a blog that was forced to shut down b/c so many people were complaining about them stealing images from other sites, and not giving credit. and i know of another where they steal stuff but claim they're using it under the "educational & research" provisions of the copyright law, and is what they say to anyone who questions how & where they got their content. the blog is about a news personality's personal life. no "educational or research" stuff involved whatsoever, unless you're a stalker.

Liz B said...

Regarding the comments: it does make sense, but I still think it's a bit over the top to say a blogger should post their right to delete posts on their own blog. That said, I did add such language here.

I'm reminded of letters. Old fashioned letters. If I wrote you a letter, you owned the physical object, the letter, and could destroy it; yet I owned the right to the text of the letter, the copyright, and you could not publish the letter without my permission. Under that theory, I'd think I could delete the comments on my blog.

Images: I am constantly surprised at how many internet users don't take into account who owns images; and how much bandwidth they take by the manner in which they link / use an image. I know I don't totally understand all of it, myself, but I am at least aware of the issues.

Little Willow said...

Spam = evil.

I feel as though many people read my blog but rarely comment on it!