Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My ALA Schedule

Please note that this is a very rough draft. There are holes mainly because I haven't made up my mind!

Thursday June 21.

Drive down with Carlie Webber. Worst case scenario: we find a Lush store, spend all our money, and have to beg for coffees and danish for the rest of the conference.

Friday June 22.

Sins of YA Preconference. I'm not sure what time it starts or where it is.

YALSA Happy Hour at Old Dominion from 5 to 7.

YALSA 50th Anniversary Party from 10 to ???. Renaissance Ballroom West A/B, Renaissance Washington

Saturday June 23.

Morning, YALSA All Committee at Grand Ballroom North Central, Ren. Washington Hotel, Grand Ballroom. 1030 to 12. Or maybe, 11?

3:00. Exhibits; Ysabeau Wilce & Laura Bowers are signing at booth 3210.
3:30 Book Launch, Mitali Perkins/ First Daughter, DC / MLK Library

After -- Kidlit Fun!

6 - 7. Random House Reception.

8. Random House Dinner.

Sunday June 24.

8 am. YA Author B'fast at 8 AM. AM I INSANE???? Holy Hannah that's early. Yeah, Breakfast is early. But still. Anyway, the Ren Washington. Grand Ballroom.

11 am. Cecil Castellucci is signing, Candlewick, 3245. (I thought it was Saturday, but hey! I fail at reading schedules.)

The rest of the day I... I'm not sure! I haven't made up my mind. Maybe YALSA Programs? Maybe some other division? Maybe find a spa and get a facial? Go to a museum?

Note to self: Find out where the other cool kids who are not going to the Newbery are hanging out. Note to self: You're not cool. Amend. Note to self: Find out ... Oh, just forget it.

Monday June 25

8 am You Must Write It: 50 Tips for Publishing with YALSA. But 8! And no breakfast! Conv. Center, Room 146 B.

2:30. YALSA President's Program, Convention Center, Room 144 A C

8 Printz Reception.

Tuesday June 26.

Home again home again jiggity jig.


christine M said...

Of course you're cool! Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

Sooooo jealous. Man, this sounds fun.