Monday, June 25, 2007


Carlie W. and I just got back from the Printz speeches & reception.

MT Anderson: Great speech; more later, but he said some great things about historical fiction & how we view the past.

John Green: John Green John Green John Green John Green John Green John Green John Green. Oh, and hi Hank.

Sonya Hartnett: way funnier than you would expect from her books -- but I knew she had a great sense of humor from her SBBT interviews.

Markus Zusak: Carlie showed him pics of her cat, Henry. Henry is the cutest cat ever; and was sleeping next to a copy of The Book Thief, upping the cuteness factor.

Gene Luen Yang: Made of awesome.


heidi said...

what do you mean: john green john green--did he just talk about himself the whole time or do you mean it's him talking so of course the talk is awesome??

please tell more!!

Liz B said...

His talk was great. John Green should have his own late night talk show.

heidi said...

I love him! I'd watch it everyday--like the Daily Show. Thanks!