Saturday, June 09, 2007

Long May She Reign

Long May She Reign by Ellen Emerson White, ARC, pub date November 2007, Feiwel & Friends. Since this is a 48 Hours Entry, bare boned links

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

after the 48 Hour Challenge is over, I'll blog just enough more to let you all know that whether or not you've read any other EEW titles, you MUST read this book.

And then I'll follow up closer to the pub date with a more detailed review.

And then after the pub date, I'll review all those OHMYGOD moments.

In the meanwhile:

Was it as good as I prayed?

yes, oh yes.

All 708 pages.

All I have to say is.... when is the next book coming out?

Title: Long May She Reign

Author: Ellen Emerson White

Length: 708 Pages

Age Level: Upper YA/ crossover to adult

Plot: Meg Powers, teenaged daughter of the first female President, recovers from a brutal kidnapping. I laugh, I cried.

Edited to add: Time spent reading? It was a lonnng book that while went quickly (a real page turner) was also one I wanted to savor (hello, EEW!!!!). Plus, while I began at 8 on Friday, I had to go to work and other stuff. So I think this baby took me about 7 hours.


christine M said...

Now I totally can't wait to read this book!

MotherReader said...

That was a lot of yeses. I'm thinking I gotta look for this book.

Saints and Spinners said...

I'm jealous! I read the previous books a long time ago.

Little Willow said...

I love reviews in which I can 'hear' and see the person's true excitement!

Anonymous said...

Everyone else's websites are seeming to pop up before my Actual Website--which is kind of funny.

Anyway. You liked the book?


No, make that, _wicked_ cool.

Ellen Emerson White

Anonymous said...

I picked up the ARC at ALA, and now that it has actually arrived...

Do I need to read the other books in the series first?

Liz B said...

I'll be doing a more detailed review come August.

Trisha, you do not have to read the other books first.

Ellen, Thank you so much for stopping by! I love your new website. And I'll be posting about LMSR and some of your other titles in August.