Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Doing Write-Ups, So I Don't Have To

So how was that Children's Literary Cafe at New York Public Library on Saturday, November 7?

As someone sitting in the front of the room, it was terrific! It doesn't get any better than talking about something you feel passionate about: books, blogging, community. We only had an hour; and while we covered a lot of things, an hour is like a blink of the eye.

The photos were taken by Melanie Hope Greenberg and I copied them from Betsy at Fuse #8. Left to right, we are Betsy aka Fuse #8; Susan aka Chicken Spaghetti; me; Anne Boles Levy aka Cybils organizer; and Pam aka MotherReader.

The other panelists have written about the day: Fuse #8; MotherReader; and Anne Boles Levy.

Bookish Blather shares her experience as a member of the audience (and of course, based on her description, I'm trying to figure out who she was!)

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Unknown said...

I'm afraid to reveal myself! ;-) I feel like I may have ruffled some feathers with that post (which was NEVER my intent). I really did have a great time and definitely think we needed more than an hour.

Susan T. said...

Angela, not to worry! I like reading different viewpoints about the same event.

Liz, your post inspired me to finally write mine.

Michelle said...

It sounds like you had a great event (not that I'm surprised) filled with wonderful information. If only we could take a full day every month for these types of conversations and events!