Saturday, June 10, 2006

200 Cool Girls From Children's Literature

The nominations have been made, the votes tallied, and Jen Robinson has the list of the 200 Cool Girls From Children's Literature, including a top 20.

It's an awesome list, that spans genre, age group, and publication date. There are picture books, young adult books, books from 100 years ago and books published last month.

Because more than one "cool girl" exists in some books, it's not 200 books but 200 girls. For the top 20, I know 13 girls; from the top 200, I know 120. ("Know" meaning read their book(s).

What is especially cool is each is unique; each has her own strengths and talents; these girls are not cut out form one cookie cutter mold.


Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,

Thanks for writing about my list! What's funny is that I haven't even counted up for myself how many I "know." I should add, though, that I think that there are more than 200 books represented, because many of these girls have multiple books. It would be quite a project to read them all, but it sure would be fun!! Thanks again for your kind words regarding the list. It was definitely a team effort with all of the people who commented.

Nancy Dowd said...

Hey Liz thanks for telling us about this list- it is really cool! My favorite is Charlotte from Charlotte's Web. -Nancy

Chris said...

I loved this list- especially because I am "old" but still knew 17 of the top 20 ( I think that portion skews older than the rest of the 200). Now if I can convince my tween to look at some of these titles I'll be delighted- right now if it is not Alanna from Song of the Lioness then forget it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the list, Liz! I think it is so important to highlight strong, cool girls. I tried to post on Jen's page but couldn't. Tell her I think it is wonderful!

(and wow, am I ever thrilled and blown away that Zoe finished up the list!)