Saturday, June 17, 2006

Permanent Rose: 48 Hours

Permanent Rose by Hilary McKay, 234 Pages, finished 5:16. (took a break to look at a house with my mother & aunt.)

How much do I love McKay's writing? I almost want to go right now to the bookstore and buy everything she has written, because it's the type of writing that is enjoyed so much it must be owned.

Love the Cassons; love that even Bill, who I should hate, I just forgive. I love the messy, untidy, loving family that should be dysfunctional but isn't. And how McKay does make so much of the every day things of life, turning the normal into adventure.

And I love the miracle reunion of Tom & Rose, brought about by Sarah & David, and, well, everyone -- a miracle that happens out of love.

Next: Sir Thursday by Garth Nix. Be back soon.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great book :) I'll give it a try next time I pass by the library

Camille said...

I also adore the Cassons. I must read this one.