Thursday, June 15, 2006

Woof Woof

Woof! Woof! by David A. Carter

See a shape; guess what it is; turn the page and find out if you're right. Watch as the shapes take form.

This appears to be a simple story; but it has more layers than that. It requires thought and input from the reader, making this an active book, rather than a passive story. To look at just the words would result in missing the point of the book.

The words that are used are basic (legs, bodies), so that this could almost be an easy reader. Adding to the "easy reader" nature of it is since this is a guessing game, the guessed words help develop word recognition skills. See small triangles, guess "ears" and turn the page to find the word ears.

I can be very sensitive to touch and to sound. I love the feel of this paper; it's thick, heavy, substantial. In part because of the "game"; the shapes that are cut out on one page are on the next page to make a shape. And by "on" I don't mean it matches the size; run your fingers over the page, and it's the actual cut out glued onto this page. Just another detail to be noticed.

I like the bold colors: white, red, black, and then finally the sun on the last page.

When Queen Lucy saw this, she loved it (and since my copy was from MPOW, we took a trip to the bookstore where we found this in the Pop Up Section). She loved that she was contributing to and shaping the story; but once she knew the story, she liked rereading it because she knew what to expect.

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