Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm Back

I'm back from ALA. Tons of stories about food, New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina recovery, authors, bloggers, books, airplane travel, the four pounds I gained, the seven pounds my luggage gained, swag, and so much more.

But I do have to go into work, and tonight I'm going to see the Wolfe Tones, and I feel like I am in desperate need of a Time Turner to post it all and do it all. Even now, I'm wanting to just say a little more but I must go. Either Friday or Saturday, I'll be catching up here (and at Pop and LMW.)


Brian Farrey said...

Welcome back. All juicy stories are being highly anticipated.

Does David smell of rain-kissed lilacs on a dewy summer morn? I'll bet he smells like rain-kissed lilacs on a dewy summer morn.

Liz B said...


I just looked at the inscription in your copy of N&N, and hand to God, it says: "To Brian -- Where are you? They said you would be here!?!? Crestfallen, David Levithan."

Brian Farrey said...

Now you're just messing with me. That's mean.