Saturday, April 14, 2007

Blog of the Day: Adventures in Daily Living

Blog of the Day: Adventures in Daily Living

About the Blogger: Since Adventures is brand new to me (just found out about it yesterday), I'm going mainly by the info on the blog: Suzanne is married and she and her husband are parents to two children who they adopted less than a year ago; she is a college English teacher.

About the Blog: I was feeling guilty about how far from "of the Day" I was when Adventures joined in Poetry Friday yesterday; now, had I been better about "of the Day" I would have been way past the A's and then would have had to obsess about how to handle adding Adventures. Do I stray from alphabetical order? Anyway. Enough of me, let's go to the blog! And once again I go by what the blog says since this is a new to me blog: Suzanne blogs about children, adoption, books, pets, "and whatever else strikes my fancy." (I have to love a blog mission statement that includes the "and anything else I want to write about" clause.)


Ashok Kizhepat said...
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Suzanne said...


I tried to convince my husband that this meant I got to blog all day, but he was not persuaded.

Thanks :)