Monday, April 09, 2007

LiveJournal syndication and comments

LiveJournal syndication for Tea Cozy is here. Which means that if you're on LiveJournal, you can add this blog to your friends list and read it that way.

How did I do it?

Actually, I didn't. As is explained fully in this LiveJournal FAQ, paid and permanent LiveJournal members may create a LiveJournal syndication for anything that has a feed, including a blog.

Why would a member do this? So that they can add your blog to their friends list for easy reading.

This means that you may have this over at LiveJournal and not realize it. I'm not sure how you would find this out; but, if you want to be syndicated over at LiveJournal, you need to know a paid/permanent member and ask them. (For what it's worth, I have a free LJ account that I use to be able to comment with a name, LizzB, at LJ posts; since it's the free version I cannot create the syndication for your blog.)

Once you get this, it's a good idea to keep an eye on the LJ feed because people may comment on your posts over at LiveJournal.

So some recent comments from LJ you may have missed:

My post: YA Older? Younger? ...
coppervale / Apocatastasis said, "The fact that the details of BOOK THIEF and CURIOUS INCIDENT were excluded makes it seem a bit like details that didn't support the thesis were deliberately excluded...Just my first take." I responded, "I agree! Especially since the circumstances of the publishing history of both books are pretty well known."

My post: The Rules of Survival
zeisgeist / girl uninterrupted said, "I want to add: Nikki is so scary because she's a REALISTICALLY mentally ill mother. Often when you see "bad Mommies" in YA they are compilations of cliches. Nikki's craziness is unique and believable, which makes her cruelty even more disturbing. There's no need to suspend disbelief, because you know someone somewhere IS Nikki.I freaking loved this book. I want to see it win as many accolades as possible."

My post: Thora
zeisgeist / girl uninterrupted said, "I loved that show, but I don't remember Thora Birch from it at all. And OH MY GOD, what's up with the blonde anorexic version of the former adorable cutie? Jesus. I'm so sick of this bullshit."
Amy McAuley added, "Strangely, I did not remember AT ALL that I totally loved this show until Liz mentioned it. I, too, am perturbed by the blonde anorexic version of Thora. She's wasting way. And, if the Defamer story about her dad is accurate?! WTF?"
and my two cents worth: "Being a total pop culture junkie, part of my WTF reaction is how is it possible that I'm only just learning this? Day by Day was cool because the cast was just awesome -- pre Melrose Park Courteny Thorne Smith, pre Seinfeld Julia Louis-Dreyfus."

As I get comments on the LiveJournal syndication, I'll share them here.

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Anonymous said...

I feel so lame. I add LJ feeds to my friends list for easy reading but never thought to wonder how they were created! Thanks for letting me know I can make them!