Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Gawker Gossip

Since it's OK for me to post gossip, here is Gawker's report on the YA Author Prom. Guess what? YA authors write YA because of "unresolved high school issues." And apparently? There is a "YA AUTHOR SCANDALSHEET WEEKLY." And John Green is loved by all. But we knew that!

Meanwhile, also courtesy of Gawker, Blogs Can Bring Down The New York Times!

Edited to add: Hey Gawker shows up in the Brotherhood 2.0 video of prom! And before I start complaining about my lack of invite to "the social event of the Young Adult calendar," let me say -- I couldn't have made it anyway. But I will see you all at the Printz reception. And I'm still trying to track down that scandalsheet.....

And more hot! Prom! Gossip! the Longstockings look smashing and e.lockhart has more photos!


Anonymous said...

It was way more fun than Gawker made it sound. I put some pictures on my blog.

Emily said...

I totally write YA (shh! It's a secret!) because of unresolved high school issues.

...On the other hand, when I wrote fantasy, I wrote fantasy because of unresolved high school issues, and if I write litfic or mysteries or experimental poetry it will be because of my unresolved high school issues.