Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Label Cloud

I've added a label cloud!

I admit I wasn't too comfortable playing with the html and I'm still trying to decide where on blog to have the cloud.

If you're interested, the code came from WebWeaver's World. I followed the directions exactly, and hey, it worked! There are some things you can change; for example, I set it to show only labels I have used at least 10 times, and also changed the maximum and minimum font sizes. The instructions are very clear.


Unknown said...

Very cool! I like it!

web said...

Funny, I just noticed one of those for the first time today and now I know its name. Cute.

Mary Lee said...

Very fun!

"I wasn't too comfortable playing with the html" pretty much describes me. Any recommendations of a source (book or electronic) that is something like Just Enough HTML For Beginning To Intermediate Bloggers? (HTML For Dummies was too much information.)

Liz B said...

ML, I was a computer science major year (I repeat, YEARS) ago, & while that had nada to do with html, knowing how code works did help.

For most basic blogging stuff, the things to remember is that each code instruction has to be open with < > and closed with < / >. (I've tried this a few times...blogger keeps telling me I have tags that aren't allowed. He.)

and to cut and paste EXACTLY when using someone else's code because each part is important.

In blogger, I also like that we have the option to look at the html code to be able to match up what things look like to what the code looks like.

What is still beyond me (in part because I haven't looked into it!) is going off template in blogger in terms of different graphics, etc. On my "wish list" is to invest in a Tea Cozy graphic to use at the top of my blog.