Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Guilty Pleasures

It's been a while since I blogged TV.

So here it is. Don't judge me. Or...judge me. But I don't care.

Blood Ties. Vampire detective, atoning for crimes? Been there, did that. I was so, so wrong.

Blood Ties is awesome. I missed the first few episodes, but basically, Vicky used to be a cop but isn't anymore so works as a private investigator; Mike is still a cop and was her partner (and it looks like they dated.) Vicky has met up with vampire Henry Fitzroy, graphic artist and illegitimate son of Henry VIII, and Henry helps out Vicky who is now busy doing supernatural investigations.

Why is this awesome? The flirty, very adult triangle between Vicky, Henry and Mike. Hot, hot, hot. Plus, it brings the funny (such as when Vicky tells Henry that Henry has the best break up stories. Of course he does! He's over 400 years old and a vampire.) I also love a show where a normal person stumbles into the world of demons and vampires. I found out this was based on books and am now reading them.

Flavor of Love: Charm School. How to describe.... the girls from Flavor of Love I and II, who often acted... how does one say it? Less than charming... are back. But the "fighting it out" for the love of Flav element has been removed; instead, can these spitting, fighting, cursing ladies pass "charm school" and win 50K? To be honest, this is like a bad drug. You read about it and say no thanks... but once someone locks you in a room and forces you to watch it, it takes hold. I cannot be the only Flavor of Love fan here!

Please... someone... tell me I'm not alone...


Laume said...

I've never even of Flavor of Love but I'm sooo on the Blood Ties bandwagon. I did know it was from a book series. I read the first book long ago, remember little from it, but the chemistry between the three main characters in the show are great. I'm also loving the new Dresden Files show and have been quickly catching up with reading the books too.

Laume said...

that should say "never even HEARD of"

Gail Gauthier said...

Liz--I read all the books by Tanya Huff on which the Blood Ties series are based. I think there were 5 of them. Maybe 6. They were an extremely guilty pleasure because they aren't all that brilliantly written. But as you said, they were hot, hot, hot. I read them one right after another, buying most of them because I wanted them right away.

I really got it out of my system. I've seen a few minutes of one of the TV shows but it didn't grab me. Henry doesn't look right.

By the way, is he bisexual in the show? He might have written romance novels in the books.

Little Willow said...

I have yet to read any of Huff's novels, though I've known about them for eons.

Ah, Forever Knight. I'd rather hang out with Nick than Angel any day. I'm also glad that every once in a while Catherine Disher appears on TV.

Little Willow said...

WHY didn't anyone tell me Geraint Wyn-Davies was on 24 this season? Yes, I would watch 24 for Geraint Wyn-Davies!

Christen said...

I LOVE Blood Ties!!! I watch it religiously (and sometimes I rewatch them on OnDemand!). I'm also loving Charm School (how crazy was I Love New York?)! And lastly, my other guilty pleasure this season... Robin Hood on BBC America. I have the biggest crush on Jonas Armstong. It's like I'm 16 again =)

Amelia said...

You are not alone. I've watched (along with my husband) both Flavor of Love shows and I Love New York (which I thought was better, if it even qualifies as being "good"). I just started watching Charm School. I told myself not to watch it, but then I found out that Hottie/Schatar was on it and well......

I think I confessed too much!! :)

Amelia said...

BTW - I need to check out Blood Ties! This is the fourth posting I've seen stating how awesome the show is. I need to find out what I am missing out on!

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