Saturday, April 07, 2007

Deliciously Clean Reads

Whimsy is starting a new blog, Deliciously Clean Reads, and is looking for contributors to review books.

What I like about this brand new blog:

* It's about finding books to read and recommend, rather than finding books to keep away from people. It's a positive review source, not a negative review source.

* Whimsy acknowledges that different people have different definitions of what is clean; so she sets forth her criteria and a sample book list.

* It includes a lot of new books, but it's also looking at older titles.

* The sidebar links to a variety of booklists from many sources.


Jill said...

Suddenly I seem to find myself a regular commenter here on Tea Cozy!

I like this site, in the sense that it can be a good go-to place when patrons request "clean" books.

But I'm sad that references to sex are considered so "dirty" in our culture.

Liz B said...

Jill, I agree; it's why I added the label of wishing there were a better word than "clean" because I don't like the idea that some books are "dirty" just because it's outside what one wants to read. I really liked how YALSA's Popular Paperbacks used the title "books that don't make you blush."

Emily said...

Thanks so much for posting about Deliciously Clean Reads!
I expected that there would be people opposed to the whole idea of labeling certain books clean. However, some people want to read books that are free of sex and swearing. I hope Clean Reads will be a useful resource for people who seek out this type of book. I want the site to encourage reading by pointing these readers to good books they will enjoy.
I chose the title for simplicity really. I wanted something that would be easy to remember.
Thanks again, Liz.

Liz B said...

Emily, when I meant better word for "clean" I totally didn't mean as a name for your blog and I am very sorry if it sounded that way.