Thursday, August 21, 2008

Am I Reading This Right?

The morality clauses we discussed earlier this month now appear to be part of some US contracts. Read via twitter, convo is at Boing Boing, as always, read the comments.

What I find the publisher being named is Random House. Which, as most readers/bloggers know, is one of the first publishers who reached out to YA/childrens lit blogs with review copies.

And is also the publisher who wouldn't publish a historical fiction book about Muhammad's first wife, for fear of, well, read the articles at GalleyCat.

If I weren't enjoying vacation, reading books, sitting out in the sun, I'd have more to say. In the meanwhile, interesting stuff to ponder.

Edited to add: having taken the time to follow the links, Boing Boing points to the same UK article I wrote about. So thus far, it still seems a UK contract provision.

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Carlie Webber said...

Just in case we needed more reasons to become rock stars instead of children's book writers :)

(This comment inspired by this article.)