Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Interested in Seeing the Liz & Carlie Show In Person?

Or, as Carlie likes to call it, the Carlie & Liz Show?

Then register now for the YA Lit Symposium, before prices go up! The Carlie & Liz Show present "Explaining and Exploring Fandom, Fan Life, and Participatory Culture, presented by Liz Burns and Carlie Kraft Webber".

Also, if you're not a member of YALSA, you're still welcome. And while the rates are a wee bit higher for non-members, if you join YALSA and register, it all evens out, and then you get the cool perks of YALSA membership.

A final note to publishers, blogs and the like reading this post -- there are still some sponsorship opportunities available. I include blogs, because look at this? What do we see under Symposium Sponsors? Pop Goes the Library: the Blog. The 8 blog contributors (Sophie, me, Melissa, Sue, John, Carlie, Karen & Eli) all contributed something to become official sponsors. How cool is that?

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Little Willow said...

Rock on, ladies (and gents!) Have fun!