Thursday, August 07, 2008

Fun With Authors In NJ!

New Jersey is a happening place.

Don't believe me?

Check out the Children's Book Festival at Princeton Library, Princeton, NJ, on Saturday, September 13. A ton of authors are going to be there, like Peter Brown and Sarah Beth Durst. And Donna Jo Napoli. And, well, take a look at the full list.

Seems like Princeton is the place to be -- and perhaps a good time for a NJ/PA blogger get together?

I'm going to be getting more details, but in the meanwhile, save the date!


TadMack said...

Wow, THAT looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! A blogger get together sounds wonderful! I was was already planning to go to the festival, and I would love to be able to meet some bloggers. Great idea!


Cloudscome said...

This sounds great. I'd love to be there. Keep us up to date on the plans for a meet-up.

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