Friday, August 15, 2008

Looking For NYC Hotel

It doesn't hurt to ask.

Anyone have a good hotel recommendation for NYC? I've gone a bit bleary eyed doing Internet searches for good yet not terribly expensive hotels. Either comment here or email me at lizzy.burns at



Brian Farrey said...

On my first (and only) visit to NYC, we got a good rate at the New Yorker through Priceline. It was one of those deals where you make them an offer, telling them what you're willing to pay and when, and they let you know if they accept. (My travelling companion made all the arrangements some I'm a bit fuzzy on more deals.) It was a nice, if small, room and the location seemed good for what we wanted to do.

Sara O'Leary said...

Hi there - I'm looking for one too, so hoped there might be more here.
Don't you think The LIbrary Hotel should have special rates for librarians or other bookish types?

Laurie said...

Did you ever find a good one? I'm hoping to make my first trip in October and would love to be as frugal as possible!