Friday, March 06, 2009

Today On Twitter

· ANTM: doing sexy lolita models to protest children being made into sexy lolitas...oh tyra.. #

· CSI: is it really that easy to accidently stab someone to death? #

· seriously considering leaving child_lit #

· all day program at an elementary school for disability awareness day #

· child_lit the listserv!! not children's literature! am not giving up the books, just the really annoying (at the moment) listserv! #

· just finished watching Looking for Alibrandi. Could someone explain to me why this WONDERFUL film isn't available in the US? #

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tanita✿davis said...

Yeesh. I bailed on child_lit, too.

Anonymous said...

Wherefore? I get it in digest form to skip the chaff. What has caused this exodus?

Beth said...

I agree. It's almost all noise, very little valuable or fun about actual child_lit. Last kerfluffle about kindling or screening or whatever just annoying.