Monday, March 09, 2009

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· Share a Story - Shape a Future: Press release from the Share a Story - Shape a Future blog. I hope you'll enjoy .. #

· My Last Post at ForeWord: My guest posting at the Shelf Space blog is drawing to a close --My last post is a con.. #

· deleting tons of messages & emails. wow, it was only 3 days in NYC people! #

· watching rock of love: bus. Amused that the girls care more about each other than they do about Bret. #

· karen cushman's new website: #

· i would have to buy an entire wardrobe to go on rock of love #

· rock of love: i love when the penthouse pet talks about what is classy while on rock of love #

· loving Joss means loving him and admitting he's not always perfect. #

· secret life: ha! Ben was called pretentious. rock on, madison! #

· secret life: amy's friends baby shower? i predict craptastic gifts. and no maclarens. #

· secret life: thank you, brenda, for the ben-mocking #

· secret life: BTW, Brenda's solution to teen mothers? church day care hires 15 yo as p/t teacher & gives full baby & child health benefits. #

· secret life: discuss among yourselves all that is wrong with a 15 you p/t day care teacher. oh! and music teacher! any 15 yo can teach music #

· secret life: I love how grace never loses her cool. or her class. or her manners. and is never judgmental. #

· secret life: i also like how the actress who plays adrian refuses to act ashamed about her choices #

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