Thursday, March 05, 2009

Today's Twitter Log

· ANTM: doing sexy lolita models to protest children being made into sexy lolitas...oh tyra. this is just sad. #

· catching up on dollhouse ep 3. the failures in logic in how dollhouse works -- astounding. hoping it is on purpose & Joss delivers #

· 1st dentist visit of the day done. second one in a few hours. #

· what do do with old #

· will be in NYC for a long weekend. any "what to do" suggestions? good restaurants? #

· so tired of all the commercials with juno-esque songs #

· disappointed that Life On Mars has been cancelled. I really enjoyed going back to the 70s. #

· Yes -- cancelled -- but report said they will be able to tie it up in last ep. I think it's a show that should have been a miniseries #

· I can't mock James Franco as an author; he's taken writing classes, which is more than other celeb authors do. #

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Alix said...

Brasserie on 53rd Street in New York is excellent if you like steak.

Watch the UK Life on Mars it was a hundred times better - honestly :)

Anonymous said...

I like this feature. I've been looking or a way to do it on my wordpress blog. I can't seem to get the plugin to work. I'll try out LoudTwitter. Thanks! :)