Thursday, April 30, 2009

Anderson's Book About Slavery Wins!

Anderson's Book About Slavery Wins!

Which, sadly, means that Anderson's Book About Slavery Loses.

Judge Linda Sue Park shares an interesting opinion about bathroom reading and sticky stories. No, I'm so not kidding.

One of the reasons I like blog discussions of books is because people go into such detail as to why, personally, they like the book. It's one reason why a blog review isn't quite the same as a journal review. And it's easily one of the reasons I like the BoB decisions; authors sharing, intimately, what makes a story work for them as a reader.

Judge Park says, "I am the most selfish of readers. The implicit question behind all of my reading is, What’s in it for me?" An instant classic quote.

Oh, this round has two authors? Named Anderson? Writing about slavery? You want to know which book actually won?

The one with the Revolutionary War setting.

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