Saturday, April 18, 2009

SLJ Bob: Hunger Games v Porcupine Year

Round One of SLJ BoB continues with The Hunger Gamesbeing selected over The Porcupine Year.

Once again, we have a Judge who clearly loved both books. The Porcupine Year gets high praise: Ellen Wittlinger calls it "a literary classic."

How can The Hunger Games compete with that?

By winning Ellen Wittlinger's heart: not only did she "fall[] in love", but her "heart was torn apart."

Just like it's difficult to argue with Judge Teen Rachel Cohn, it's also hard to argue when the decision is based on the impact a book has on the reader.

Tho one could always argue about whether one's emotional reaction to a book is the best test for a book. But I think any argument against Hunger Games would result in the girls who made the Now or Never YouTube video coming after me.

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