Thursday, April 30, 2009

SLJ BoB: Abraham & Mary don't survive the Games

The Hunger Games continues to take no prisoners. Only one can survive...and HG is doing everything in its power to make sure it is the sole survivor. Goodbye, Abraham and Mary! We enjoyed getting to know both of you better!

Who would have thought that Judge Chris Crutcher could be so heartless as to send the Lincolns packing. Have you no shame, sir?

But despite reading HG kicking & screaming ( I don’t read fantasy. With the exception of Cormac McCarty’s The Road, I don’t read “After the fall” literature either. So I opened The Hunger Games cursing School Library Journal for asking me to participate in the Battle of the Books and cursing my editor for telling me I should do it ), HG won for one simple reason.

No, the Everdeen Sisters did not show up at his house and threaten him. Simply put, HG "was just a hell of a yarn."

This leaves Lois Lowry in the position of deciding between Octavian and Katniss. I, for one, cannot wait! One raised in a literary tradition; the other raised in survival. Both outsiders in their world; both fighting for life; both suffering under governments where they have no voice.

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Kelly Milner Halls said...

Did you read the GREAT things Crutcher said about THE LINCOLNS? He picked the other book as the "winner," but what a shining review he wrote about THE LINCOLNS. If you're gonna lose, that's a nice way to lose.