Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Norman and Brenda

Norman and Brenda by Colin Thomspon & Amy Lissiat. Kane/Miller. 2009. Copy supplied by publisher.

The Plot: Norman and Brenda live their own lives, waiting for life to begin, waiting for that someone. Will their paths ever cross?

The Good: I wanted to read this after reading Betsy's review: "Norman and Brenda ain't sexy, but they're hopeful."

Norman and Brenda's stories are told at the same time; Norman on the top of the page, Brenda on the bottom. Both alone; both waiting; both yearning. Norman felt as if life had started without him. "Everyone else was having theirs, but his hadn't arrived yet." Meanwhile, "Brenda felt as if life was always going on in the next room. If she went into the next room, it moved out into the garden."

Their paths always almost cross. Will these two ever find each other?

Like Betsy said, this is a book to give as a gift to grown-ups; especially grown-ups who need a little hope in their life; a reminder that happiness comes, just at different times for different people.

It was first published in Australia.

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