Sunday, June 28, 2009

Save Ohio Libraries

I just posted this at Pop Goes the Library:

As reported many places, including Library Journal, the Governor of Ohio, Ted Strickland, has proposed a budget that slashes library funding in half.

The blog The Library is Now Closed has updates of the situation and actions being taken.

Save Ohio Libraries is also a great source for information.

A lot of library and librarian blogs and twitter accounts are involved with doing what they can; and for those of us outside Ohio, that involves letting people in Ohio know we care and are supporting them.

For those outside Ohio: of course, it can happen in your state, your county, your town. If Ohio is successful, other government entities will see this as a way to save money. "Penny wise, pound foolish" as the saying goes. So what can you do now? Let Ohio libraries and librarians know you support them; and start, now, getting your data, information, and stories together to be able to show the value of libraries and librarians to your community. New Jersey's Snapshot Day (Snapshot: one day in the life of New Jersey libraries) is an excellent example of such a resource (and no, I'm not just saying it because I am a Jersey librarian).

Note that I say libraries AND librarians. Because a building with books is just a warehouse; a collection of books that is based on someone else's donations is just a book swap; and volunteers cannot do what a librarian can.


Let me now add the book blog spin.

Not everyone can afford books, especially in today's economic climate. I hope that all Ohio book bloggers are involved in saving their libraries; and I hope that all non-Ohio book bloggers realize that this could happen to their local libraries and offer their support to their local library budgets and funding.

Edited to add (and will continue to add)

Book bloggers supporting Ohio libraries by blogging about the situation: Bookworm 4 Life; Vasilly at 1330v; John Green

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John Nez said...

That sounds awful about Ohio libraries.

Ironically, my new book is set in Ohio...

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It's a true story of adventure, determination, courage and perseverance. I'm happy to say my new book has had very good reviews and I'd be thrilled if you looked it over and would consider a mention on your blog.

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Summer said...

They are considering budget cuts for libraries in PA. I wrote a letter to my senator. I got something back... he said he'll certainly take my concerns into consideration. LoL. Letters help though. Hand-written, heart-felt. I mean, we've all just got to do whatever we can. Good luck, Ohio!