Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where's My TV Show & Magazine?

So My Friend Amy asked Who's Your Oprah? "Who, when they stamp their seal of approval on something, do you listen to? An author? An artist? A blogger, perhaps? I'd love to know!!"

And guess what? I'm someone's Oprah! Not just anyone, also -- Jen Robinson. It put a smile on my fave so since it's always all about me, I just had to share. Thank you, Jen!

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Jen Robinson said...

Always happy to spread good cheer. It helped that just today I received a catalog that had Candor in it, and I had already starred your teaser post, so I ordered it. But the mix of compatible book and TV recommendations, that took you to the top of the list. Glad that you're not on the Printz anymore, and hence reviewing more books.

Can't help with the TV show for you, though...

Jay Asher said...

Stephen King.

I always love his Entertainment Weekly column, but I especially look forward to his year-end Best Of picks for books and music.

Unlike many other Best Of lists trying to show how cool the list-maker is by highlighting things no one's ever heard of or few would actually appreciate, Mr. King isn't afraid to toss in some picks worth nothing more than good ol' entertainment. And that makes me trust his weirder picks.

I've found some new favorite authors and musicians because of him!