Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Board Action Updates: BBYA

Thanks to Melissa Rabey for leaving this update in the Readers Choice post:

... [T]here were no actions taken regarding BBYA during the final meeting. Board members seemed split over whether to take action, and which action should be taken, vs. more exploration of the problems and proposed solutions for the BBYA issues. But I know that the Board is not going to let this drop; there will definitely be more discussion in the coming months, and I feel that the goal is that any changes made will take affect for the next BBYA group.

Please see my full report on my BBYA Board Meeting Post.

Edited to add: From the YALSA Blog, Linda Braun writing: During Annual Conference there was discussion of YALSA’s BBYA list including how the list is selected and how it is used. Following these discussions the YALSA Board decided that it needs to consider all of the feedback provided by members during conference. Using feedback from the Board and members, the Executive Committee of YALSA will work to develop a new strategy for BBYA that will be ready for Board consideration at Midwinter 2010.

My comments: Since we've all learned, I think (or at least me!) not to assume that something like this will be highlighted in the YALSA blog, YALSA listservs, or twitter, let's keep an eye on the YALSA Members Only page for Board Documents.

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tanita✿davis said...

Thanks so much for keeping up with this.

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