Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Book Blogger Appreciation Week

So, Book Blogger Appreciation Week is September 14 - 18. The FAQ is up, and, of course, because I am the pickiest person on the planet I still have a bunch of questions. Like, what does "best" mean? Does someone have to post a review of day of just new books? Have contests and giveaways? Be around a certain amount of time? How is a review defined?

And -- OK, I'll be quiet now. But I overthink; it's what I do.

Because obviously, by the time my questions are answered -- that is, when we see the nominations and the process -- it will be too late for me to say "go, nominate the book blogs YOU think are best."

So go, nominate the book blogs you think are best.

No, there isn't a category for "overthinking everything."

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