Thursday, January 28, 2010

Virginia Hamilton Conference on Multicultural Literature for Youth

Are you near Kent State University, Kent, Ohio?

Are you free on April 8 and April 9, 2010?

Are you going to the Virginia Hamilton Conference on Multicultural Literature for Youth and can you report back to the blogosphere?

What is it?

From the website for the 2010 Conference: "The 26th Annual Virginia Hamilton Conference on Multicultural Literature for Youth will be held on Thursday, April 8 & Friday, April 9, 2010 at the Kent State University Student Center. The conference provides a forum for discussion of multicultural themes and issues in literature for children and young adults. “A New Horizon: The Next 25 Years!” is the theme of the conference, featuring the illuminating talents of great wordsmiths and a brilliant illustrator. Virginia Hamilton Conference is please to be a forum that showcases some of the wonderful talents in multicultural literature for youth. The conference will bringing together renown and local writers, illustrators, librarians, teachers, students, and scholars who share in the importance of multicultural literature."

It's a Thursday night, all day Friday conference. Cost for Thursday night is $40; for Friday is $120; for both, $150.

I would love to go, but look at a map. New Jersey, Ohio: not close. Given the conversations in the blogosphere about people of color, covers, race, reading, I would love, love, love to go to this conference but, frankly, I cannot afford to (travel plus conference costs plus taking vacation time equals no, not unless I win the lottery).

But there must be some kidlit bloggers near who can attend who will represent the blogosphere and report back! Anyone?

To further make you want to go, here is the brochure.

Also? The press release I read said the conference fills up quickly.

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Sarah Stevenson said...

Well, it sounds really exciting and I'd love to go, but alas, no money and I'm nowhere near Ohio either.

There's a conference in my neck of the woods with a similar focus, Reading the World, that I've attended once and really enjoyed, but I may not be able to make that either this year. Gotta pick and choose my conferences...

susan said...

This is why I need a different day job. I'm near Ohio but I can't take off work. I could manage the cost for a drive and one day.

Will blog about this and hope someone interested will attend.


Stella said...

I'm looking into attending this COnference, and hopefully if that happens, I i will have happy to share the details & all the learning. I will report back! :)