Sunday, January 10, 2010


I love Catherine Fisher. I looked up some of my reviews of her other work, and it's sort of interesting (to me, maybe boring to you) to see the growth in my reviewing style over the years.
Darkhenge, March 2006

Sphere of Secrets, November 2006

Corbenic, December 2006

Day of the Scarab, June 2008

And she has a new book! Incarceron. There's a trailer at the publisher's website.

It looks awesome.

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R.J. Anderson said...

It absolutely IS awesome. I have taken to amusing myself by leaving rabid fangirl comments on every review of INCARCERON I see, which I fear will make me a very busy woman in a few months, but I can only hope that by then there will be a few more rabid fangirls to help me do the job of babbling excitedly about this book.

Tasha said...

It is very awesome. The trailer doesn't really capture the feel of the book which is really dark, deep and constantly twisting.

Colleen said...

This is a great trailer - even though it might not capture the book since I haven't read the book I have to say the trailer makes me curious. I LOVED Corbenic big time so I'm always happy to see more from Fisher. I am seriously burned out on dystopic fic, I hope it's worth the pain of another depressing future book! ha!

Patti said...

I am so looking forward to this book. I can't wait to read it!

Liz B said...

RJ, I'd say I'm so jealous that you read Incarceron already.... but hey, I got to read Megan Whalen Turner's next book early! We cannot all get all the books.

Tasha, I'm so jealous. I have an Amazon gift card and this book is in my cart, ready to go.

Colleen, I hear you about being burnt out on dystopia. But... I'd like to think its burnt out on average dystopia. Fisher is such a gifted writer, it wouldn't just be would be brilliantly written dystopia.

Patti, I cannot wait either!

R.J. Anderson said...

Well, I actually bought my edition of INCARCERON from the UK a couple of years ago (I also have the sequel, SAPPHIQUE, which I ordered for a princely sum from so you needn't envy me too much! :D

And I have to say, the US cover for INCARCERON is really stupendously gorgeous. I liked the UK one, but this is just... guh.

Sondy at Sonderbooks said...

Oo, I'd heard of INCARCERON, but somehow hadn't realized it was by Catherine Fisher. Now I've gotta read it!

Bibliovore said...

She's a great fantasy writer, and they're not all Western-European-based, either. I heard about Incarceron a long time ago and didn't realize for awhile that it was at that time only available in the UK.