Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Spirit of PaperTigers

The Spirit of PaperTigers is a project "best understood within the overall goals of PaperTigers: that is, to encourage literacy, helping to make children hungry readers and thus helping them form a lifelong habit. It is also our goal to do that within the context of promoting “multicultural” or “cross-cultural” books: this means we focus on books that promote awareness of, knowledge about, and positive acceptance of “the other”, books that encourage empathy and understanding. We aim to do this through books children and young adults enjoy reading rather than books they would regard as medicine adults force them to take."

So, basically, book sets are put together for donation. I think this list should be be considered "musts" for either your library or your reading.

In February and March, these sets will be donated to 100 libraries and schools. Full details are at the PaperTigers website.

Want to know more about PaperTigers? See my interview with Aline Pereira of Paper Tigers.

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Aline Pereira/ PaperTigers said...

Thanks so much for the shout-out about our Spirit of PaperTigers project, Liz! We excited to finally have it off the ground... and thrilled to see word spreading so far and wide!