Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Biblioblogosphere

No seats at the grown ups table?

The April issue of American Libraries has an article about the blogosphere and includes a bunch of sites; Fuse #8 has the specific sites. A big congrats to the librarians listed; I read most of those blogs, and have added the others to my blogroll.

When I read the article in the copy I get at work, I noticed what Fuse noticed; not a kidlit blog among them.

But not only that; there's not a lit blog among them. Yes, I know that libraries are about more than books; but they are also about the books. Not just kids books, but also adult books. Now, in all honesty, I'm not as well versed on adult book blogs by librarians. But there are plenty of blogs by librarians and library staff that are about kid and teen books. And I just wonder, is it that we weren't invited to the table? Or do they not know we exist?


Monica Edinger said...

Hmmm....sorry, couldn't resist.


Liz B said...

The kidlit aspect of the world is so small I'm not surprised; but the lack of lit at all is surprising. Plus the library bloggers have started a meme about what "nonlibrary" blogs they read; and the lit-related blogs have been few and far between.

I understand why the library blogs are so insular; I'm disappointed that AL doesn't include library blogs beyond the techy/ policy blogs, not because of me but because what that reflects about the greater library world in general.

Carlie Webber said...

There are also no school library blogs on there. ALA just sent out a call for school librarian bloggers for a Vol. 2 of the blog article. Don't know if it'll cover kidlit blogs, too.

Liz B said...

I noticed the no school library blogs thing, also. And there are some great ones out there.

I'm quite discouraged by the whole "books, what books" aspect & what it means for the future of libraries in general. Maybe I should just go work in a bookstore. In my cynical mode, if the school media bloggers turn out to be more about books, rather than increase the exposure of same I'm afraid it will look like books are just a kids thing. Not a "real" library thing.