Monday, March 05, 2007

Say Please

Say Please by Tony Ross. Copy supplied by publisher, Kane/Miller. Originally published in England.

The Plot: The Little Princess not only learns to say "please," she also teaches others to say "please."

The Good: A cute book on manners.

This is part of the "Little Princess" series; this is the only one that I've read. The princess is cute, and the pictures show royal people (a princess, a queen) but in situations that would be familiar to a small child: the general rides a hobby horse, someone is putting up wallpaper, the Little Princess goes for a walk with her stuffed animal. The colors are bright, and their are cute touches, such as the crowns that appear on the napkins and wallpaper.

Sometimes books need to be kid-tested; or, rather, successful kid reading makes me appreciate a book even more, or see something I didn't realize. Between the princess and the pink, I thought girl book. But the last time Peter Parker visited, he latched onto this book and wanted it read over. and over. and over. By the umpteenth time, he was "reading" along with me in the way that four year olds do, saying what he had memorized, sometimes a beat or two behind me. So not only does this work as a cute introduction to manners; and a book for girls; boys like it too, and the simple words and constant refrains are a nice way for pre-readers to begin the memorization that leads to reading.

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NiceOrc said...

These princess books are great - I love Tony Ross's people - eg the queen with her headscarf! Try to find "I want my potty" also by TR, very cute.