Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More On Jezebel

More news on The Return of Jezebel James, the upcoming TV show set in the kid lit world.

The cast continues to look very cool; and my dearest dream is for the to stunt cast with actual guest spots by real authors and illustrators, but that would be way demanding.

Anyway, the real cast is quite good: first Parker Posey, now Lauren Ambrose. As a recap to you all : "The pilot focuses on juvenile lit publisher Parker Posey and her relationship with her estranged sister. (Jezebel James is the name of the publishing house's popular franchise for pre-adolescent girls.)"

While the show continues to get good buzz for writing and cast, I haven't found anything that says who is advising them on the world of "juvenile lit." Juv Lit. Juvie Lit? J Lit.

Other reports say that the main character is a single book editor (I guess that means she doesn't work on trilogies? Ha ha ha ha. Well, I thought it was funny.)


Sara Z. said...

I've seen the pilot script. From what I remember, she is called a "YA" editor, but then when she's actually talking about her books they sound more Harry Potteresque...

Gail Gauthier said...

I appreciated the single book editor joke.

Liz B said...

Sara Z, I am so. jealous. that you got to see the script! And that's interesting about being a YA editor. Entertainment Weekly said she was a children's book author.

Adrienne, that Parker is going to be on TV is cool; I really like her, but TV & film are so different and I wonder if she can transition to the requirements of TV; then again, I've heard of actors who view pilot season as a way to make cash with no expectation of the series either being picked up or lasting.

Gail, thank you!