Monday, March 12, 2007

I Love You, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (and you too Joss!)

Over at Pop Goes the Library, Sophie posts about the best tv show ever, aka Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Sophie invites people to share their BtVS memories. I posted the following:

BTVS was meaningful to me because:

-- as pointed out in the article, kick ass storytelling that spanned a season. I fell in love with the stories, the characters, the writing, the plotting.

-- I first began posting online at Buffy message boards so in many ways it was my intro to life online, and thanks to that experience (good & bad) it taught me a lot about trolls, flaming, the lack of sarcasm font, and never post your first reaction to something that pisses you off.

-- It taught me that the Internet can create community. I was alone in my fandom until the Internet; and it wasn't until season 5 that I first met other BtVS fans.

-- It made me proud to watch tv. Before this, watching TV was something to downplay; after this, it was something to say, proudly, I watch TV. So what?

I'd like to add:

In my BtVS posting days, every now and then I posted at the Bronze and more frequently at the Cross & Stake and (both boards) and An Angel's Soul under the name "coma girl". It's kind of funny; I totally knew of Little Willow from the general online BtVS community, but it wasn't until I began posting about kidlit & YA lit that I "met" her.

I cannot underestimate the change in both me & society in general that watching TV is no longer something to be ashamed about or apologized for; that the complexity of TV shows & the writing is recognized & cheered.


Little Willow said...

The world is small. Great minds think alike. Cliches but so very true. :)

Brian Farrey said...

To this day, I'm forbidden to watch any season six episodes because they always reduce me to a sobbing heap, knowing what's "coming," and then the people in my life play damage control from a week, reminding me that Tara was just a character.

On the other hand, nothing makes me happier than to watch, over and over again, the scene where Willow and Tara first clasp hands and move the vending machine.

Michele said...

I love Buffy too - hooray for Kick-ass girls on TV (I was so glad that Rose got the chance to become more kick-ass during her two seasons as the Doctor's companion) !

alexgirl said...

Hear, hear! Your post kicks ass.
Buffy is, and will forever be, one of my all time FAVE shows. So well written, and the characters were complex and endearing... and then Joss went and made a musical episode to make me even MORE jealous of him! Ugh, he's a brilliant, brilliant, brilliant genius. Fave episode: HUSH.