Saturday, March 17, 2007

Veronica Mars

Shaken & Stirred has this report about Veronica Mars, which is hanging on by a thread; I quote the pertinent part: And according to CW insiders, the CW has not officially canceled Veronica Mars. However, here's the catch: They are currently considering a different format for the fourth season. From what I hear, that format would leap four years into the future and focus on Veronica Mars as an FBI agent.

What's freaky is I have been saying this is the way to save the show. Seriously, ask anyone who I've bored to death about it. (I posted it as a comment to some one's livejournal...damn.. Cannot remember who.)

See, what was so cool about Season One? Flashback Theatre, as we watched Veronica investigate a murder that was a year old. What has been missing from VM? That sense of Flashback, the real uncovering of a story, that not knowing ourselves what had, and had not, gone on.

I think this could be really, really good.


Miriam said...

I'll take a flashforward to Veronica's FBI days, as long as she's a trainee, not an accomplished agent. It would be interesting to see Veronica in a situation where she's not two steps ahead of everyone already. And please, can we have multiple visits from her dad? Their interaction would be sorely missed if they took him out of the mix. And we need a few guest shots with Wallace and Mac, though I don't think it would work if they were series regulars. Okay, and Logan, too. He's grown on me! But I think four years down the road, no way are they (still/again) a couple.

Liz B said...

I'm trying to avoid being too "fanfiction" about this scenario, but I think it could work if she's back in town, investigating something (perhaps involving one of the old regulars.) Combined with, if they give us flashbacks of what happened during those previous 4 years, we would see those people.

I am a fan of LoVe, but would see it not as "still together" but rather "will they get back together." c

Mordena said...

I also miss the focus on rich vs. poor that was so much a part of the first two seasons. Eli as a responsible working man is just not good theater. Bring back the PCHers.