Monday, March 05, 2007

Blog of the Day: Richie's Picks

Blog of the Day: Richie's Picks: Great Books for Children and Young Adults

About the Blogger: Richie Partington; he's worked in bookstores, classrooms, and is currently getting his MLIS. He's served on BBYA and is on the Spring 2007 American Library Association ballot as a candidate for the Newbery committee. (and cause it is still about me, let me remind you all that I'm on the ballot as a candidate for the Printz committee!)

About the Blog: Richie's reviews are very well known; if he reviews it, it should be added to your TBR pile. The books are a mix of works already published and those yet to be published. Richie's reviews usually include the following: lyrics that bring out some point about the book; long quotes from the book so that you can get a feel for the language and writing; and a mix of the personal (noting his own personal experiences as they relate to the subject of the book) and universal (why you, your students, and the kids coming to the library would enjoy and get something out of the book.)

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