Sunday, March 18, 2007

Blog of the Day: Words, Words, Words

Blog of the Day: Words, Words, Words

About the Blogger: Suzi reads and reviews YA lit.

About the Blog: Blogs* like Suzi's are why I am an advocate of reading blogs via aggregators such as bloglines or Google Reader. Suzi has a strong voice and does great reviews on a wide assortment of books. But, she doesn't post that frequently. If you're a reader who is only going to the actual blog site to read, that lack of frequency can be frustrating. But, move over to an aggregator** where you get notified when there is something new, and bingo! It doesn't matter. Frequency is no longer important; only quality; and Suzi has a ton of quality.

*I know some people make a distinction between LiveJournal and blogs, but to me, they are the same. Just different vendors. Also, I have to say that Suzi is the wonderful person who put up my LiveJournal feed.

**Let me know in the comments if you all want more info or "how to" on reading blogs via aggregators. In the "real world" I teach workshops on blogging and aggregators. As with anything, it takes time to figure all this stuff out.

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Vivian Mahoney said...

That's so cool. How do you put up the LiveJournal feed? And yes, aggregators? Please write a post on this!