Monday, May 28, 2007

Blog of the Day: Amelia's Passion

Blog of the Day: Amelia's Passion

About the Blogger: Amelia describes herself as "I'm a transplanted God-loving New Yorker sweating her way through desert life. I'm obsessed with books - reading, buying, discovering new authors, etc."

About the Blog: One of the things I like about doing my Blog of the Day* posts is that it makes me go to the original blog. Most blogs I read strictly thru RSS feeds at Bloglines, going to the actual site only to comment or read comments. As I stroll leisurely thru my blogroll, I get to revisit the actual Blog, the art, the sidebars. Or, as here, sometimes see that it's been a bit since the blogger blogged, something that I don't notice via Bloglines.

And you know what? So what? That's why I like Bloglines; once Amelia starts posting again, I'll be reading it. She hasn't lost me as a reader.

Back to Amelia's Passion; I like that it's a mix of books, old, new, kids, adult, manga. I especially like her reviews of grown up books. The blog has been around since 2005, so while you're waiting for a new post, explore the archives.

*Yes, I know it's been a good three weeks since the last BotD post. Oh well.

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