Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Hate When This Happens

Another good show lasts only one season. Ah, Jericho... we'll always have the DVD.


Brian Farrey said...

Don't look to me for sympathy. I'm too busy hoping for an 80th hour reprieve for EARTH 2. I'm at least hoping they'll do a mini-series to wrap it up. It's been fifteen years. Do you think it could still happen?

Anonymous said...

I'm so disappointed. I loved Jericho. And they left it at such a cliff-hanger, too. That's really wretched.

Liz B said...

Jen, this is why I hate cliffhangers on series. Cause when there is no next season, it can be so cruel. My scenario: after a battle or two, Heather notifies Jericho about the NotUSA soldiers & Jericho, NewBern, and BadDaddy combine forces to defend themselves.

Brian, I, too, adored Earth 2. Why is it always the good ones who get cancelled too soon? And as for it coming back... Doctor Who did, after a few years; and so did Star Trek. And Degrassi. And I think Paper Chase had at least a year lapse... so hope springs eternal.