Saturday, May 19, 2007

Huh. It's True : Updated with Rant!

Network TV executives do hate their audiences. And also? They don't understand their audience. Sigh. You know, I'd have a better time adjusting to Jericho's cancellation if it had been for a real reason.

Edited to add:

A new CBS response gives some hope of "closure". Link from Sound the Sirens.

Here's the thing. The THREE MONTH hiatus did not help the show. And, apparently, watching a show via TiVo (or DVR) doesn't count as "watching" when the suits look at numbers.

Sophie & Melissa & I have long wondered about American TV not being able to break out of the "same old, same old" view of what a TV series and a TV season is. Look at all the great British shows that are less than the standard 22 episodes. Maybe it's time that TV not only considers watchers who watch via TiVo (and DVR and other nontraditional ways), but also reconsiders season length (perhaps shorter than 22) and also rethinks TV shows not being "open ended." Some shows need to know when they will end to be properly written and acted. A TV show shouldn't be viewed as something that only has value if it can last multiple seasons.

On a final note: I'm equally pissed at the people behind Jericho for giving us this cliff hanger with too many unresolved and open storylines. Supernatural did it right; they wrapped up the season long stories (Demon, Dad In Hell), and while they have a couple of new unresolved and open items (aka Jensen, don't ask for more money) if Supernatural hadn't been picked up, viewers would have had a sense of closure. That closure is missing in Jericho. (And for the record? I'm very scared that the Veronica Mars finale will be more Jericho than Supernatural.)

(And CBS, thinking you'll be edgy by having a vampire detective show? Do you really think it's never been done?)


Anonymous said...

Having been out of the loop for a couple of weeks with our wedding and honeymoon, after reading this post I had the task of breaking the news of Jericho's cancellation to my husband. It is is all-time favorite show and ranks pretty high up on my list too. Unfortunately, CBS always does this to great shows. Jericho, Joan of Arcadia, Dr. Quinn. I think I'll just boycott the network. :-)

Jackie Parker said...

Yeah. So VM last night? Dear Lord, I'd settle for a flippin' TV movie at this point. It CAN'T END THAT WAY.