Sunday, May 20, 2007

The one galley I want more than anything...

OK, yeah, I wouldn't say no to the new Kiki Strike.

But the one I really really really want? Ellen Emerson White's Long May She Reign. Scroll down Draw the Girl's post to the end.... yes. She has it. I wonder if I can get one at Book Expo.

More Ellen Emerson White love.
EEW's Wikipedia entry.
More Long May She Reign news here.
Another fan of EEW.


christine M said...

I had given up that there would actually be a fourth book. This is going on the must-get list. (If you get 2 ARCs, can I have one?)

Diana Peterfreund said...

Oh, Liz, count me in on that! Do you know when it's out? And if they'll be re-releasing the earlier titles when it happens?

Camille said...

I had the best luck asking for certain books at TLA. If they didn't have them, or they were not ready yet, many of the reps took my card and sent them on later!!

tanita✿davis said...

Oh, cool! I really love that series, and have the first tattered one from ages ago when it first came out!

I also have the ARC to the newest Kiki Strike! Am NOT reading it until the 48 Hour Reading Challenge... yet it taunts me...

Jessica said...

I have an advance copy of Long May She Reign. It was DELIGHTFUL. It feels like the other books and stays true to the characters.

It of course has left me dying for another book in the series.

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