Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What Books Are You Reading?

I've been tagged by Christine M at The Simple & The Ordinary for the What Books Are You Reading meme.

I am finishing up reading Endymion Spring, which I have enjoyed very much. I love the history, the mystery, the sense of the reader and the hero working together to solve the mystery; I love that it's illustrated with the pages of books that Blake looks at, the invitation he gets. Also? After reading this, I want to move to Oxford immediately.

I'm reading Flora Segunda at lunch. I've only just begun, but I love how we've been dumped into Flora's world and we're getting hints about various things as we move along and I cannot wait to see where this book goes.

And I have Alice in Sunderland, which I've just begun. It's fantastic, and already I'm wondering if there is a website out there that sorts fact from fiction and links to more info on all the cool stuff mentioned in this book; the artists, places, history, actors, music.

Let's see, who to tag? Let's be ABC P and go with AmoxCalli; Book Moot; Chicken Spaghetti; and Purled Pouches and Things Unstrung.


Little Willow said...

Flora is fun.


Michele said...

So Liz, what sort of property shall I start looking for on your behalf... *grins*

Would I make you very jealous if I told you that I've been into some of the off-limits areas that Skelton describes in the Bod. - places where the public doesn't get to go ?

Anonymous said...

Liz, what fun! Thanks for asking.

Gina Ruiz said...

That was fun! I must read Flora and Alice! thanks for the tag.


Camille said...

Thank you for tagging me. I think it is hilarious that all of us have so many books going at one time.