Monday, September 04, 2006

Chicken And Cat

Chicken And Cat by Sara Varon.

The Plot: In this wordless picture book, country cat visits city chicken and has city adventures: Cat sees rats and cockroaches and goes on a trip to Coney Island. Cat misses the flowers of the country, so plants some in a nearby lot, bringing a bit of the country to the city.

The Good: I like wordless picture books because they allow any "reader", even those who aren't yet reading, to read the book. I like how that brings out both visual decoding skills and imagination.

I like the illustrations, which of course are so important when there are no words to explain what's going on.

In one picture, Cat looks out the window; in the next, we're outside the building, looking in the window at Cat.

I found it very funny that Cat and Chicken never have on any clothes, but when they go to the beach, they put on bathing suits.


Adrienne said...

Chicken and Cat are also extremely cute. I really enjoy Sara Varon's art....

Liz B said...

I enjoyed the art & will be tracking down her other books.

Adrienne said...

Sweaterweather was cute, although we wound up having many, many discussions about whether we were going to put it in J or YA. We wound up putting it in YA, but, off the top of my head, I can't remember the deciding factor. It seemed very important at the time. ;)