Monday, September 04, 2006

Chicken And Cat

Chicken And Cat by Sara Varon.

The Plot: In this wordless picture book, country cat visits city chicken and has city adventures: Cat sees rats and cockroaches and goes on a trip to Coney Island. Cat misses the flowers of the country, so plants some in a nearby lot, bringing a bit of the country to the city.

The Good: I like wordless picture books because they allow any "reader", even those who aren't yet reading, to read the book. I like how that brings out both visual decoding skills and imagination.

I like the illustrations, which of course are so important when there are no words to explain what's going on.

In one picture, Cat looks out the window; in the next, we're outside the building, looking in the window at Cat.

I found it very funny that Cat and Chicken never have on any clothes, but when they go to the beach, they put on bathing suits.

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Liz B said...

I enjoyed the art & will be tracking down her other books.