Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More Kiki

As I noted in my review of Kiki Strike, my mother grew up in DeeDee's neighborhood (but that was lo those many years ago. Actually, my mother grew up in the same apartment that her mother grew up in. (Back then, it was an Irish working class neighborhood.) And now I cannot even afford to think of living in that area. Of course, it would probably be better if I first got a job in NYC. Ah well.)

My mom loves NYC history, so even tho I didn't think of Kiki as her type of book I passed it along to her.

How much does she love Kiki? She is sending it to her sisters. She is talking about other people who may like this book. She teaches high school (math), and has already said she plans to pass it along to students. She liked it because of the NYC background and history; but loved it because, well, who wouldn't love Kiki?

Mom isn't a YA reader (tho I did sneak A Northern Light into her summer reading pile and she loved it.)

Upon finishing Kiki she asked me, are you sure this is a YA book?

Yes, yes it is.

If there's one YA book you pass along to people regardless of their age... it's this book.

(tho as my mother looks at this she also wants to add that A Northern Light was also a wonderful book.)

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Anonymous said...

I just started this book, inspired in part by your earlier review to move it to the top of the stack, and I already want to give it a positive review. I LOVE this book. I'm already thinking of people I want to give it to. The little handbook sections are hilarious. And how can you not love a book with such strong girl characters. Amazing.