Saturday, September 09, 2006

Now That I Have A Title....

I just have to write the book:
Remember, when in doubt, just add booze.
My best-selling young adult novel is The Not-So-Terrible life of a French Toast Vampire.
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christine M said...

can't wait to read it! Buffy meets Mrs. Butterworth!

Erin said...

Haha, funness! Mine was: "Help! I Turned into a Teenage Werewolf". Can't

Renee said...

Mine is "True Tales of a Teenage Vampire." That sounds too close to a real book that might come out for comfort. Yours is much funnier.

But it does sort of write itself...

christine M said...

Mine was "The Not-so-Terrible life of an underage wannabe"

Kelly said...

Funny. Mine is:

The Pillow Book of a Somewhat Underage Werewolf

Anonymous said...

The Pillow Book of a French Toast Werewolf.

Now I'm just picturing Jason Bateman eating french toast while someone paints on his back.

Little Willow said...

Oops - I think we took over the comments at MotherReader's blog. :) I wanted to post my responses here in case you didn't see them there!

A Brief Chapter in My Impossible Life is one of those rare books that is a double delight: a fantastic debut novel and a fantastic novel, PERIOD.

Without You is so honest and so genuine. AMAZING. I am watching the SVU episode with Anthony Rapp and Jane Krakowski now. Oh, yay.

May Bird and the Ever After by Jodi Lynn Anderson is the first in a trilogy. The second, May Bird Among the Stars, comes out this fall. It is splendid and moves the story well along. I want the third book now, yet I do not want the story to end. The world of Ever After is part Beetlejuice, part Oz, all fun. May Bird is bright, independent and imaginative, and Somber Kitty is loyal, adorable and meowvelous.

Two Steps Forward by Rachel Cohn is a sequel to The Steps. Read them in order and you'll appreciate the character growth and family stories even more.

Shug by Jenny Han is SO SWEET and SO TRUE. I seriously haven't read a book like that - a coming-of-age middle-grade story that is just-right porridge, not too heavy, not too light - in years. Read it. Read it now.

Rules by Cynthia Lord - Fantastic. Right up there with Tru Confessions by Janet Tashjian and A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Mass in the category of Special Books that Just So Happen to Be About Special Needs and Conditions.