Sunday, September 17, 2006

New Homeschooling Blog

Adrienne has a Homeschooling and Libraries blog that is new to me (she started it this past May). I like the mix of resources.

As a librarian, I find homeschooling blogs to be an extremely helpful resource and very enlightening. I confess, before I began reading them I had the usual prejudices about homeschooling such as socialization and educational standards and what happens to the subjects a parent cannot teach. Please note my use of the word "had." I have a bunch of homeschooling blogs added to my bloglines account, and find them both insightful and informative and a great source for information. I began following Chris Barton's blog because of the process of publishing a nonfiction book (I cannot wait for his Day Glo book to come out) and found great history picture book resources. By Sunlight and Candlelight has an impressive round up of Middle Ages resource.

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